Cosmetic Filler Treatment

Cosmetic Filler Treatment In London

Since its introduction back in the 1980s, Cosmetic Filler Treatment in London has been used to deliver impressive results that make people look much younger than they are. These injected fillers have revolutionized the cosmetic industry, with more people swearing by it after getting a glimpse of how well it can work.

As long as your Cosmetic Filler Treatment in London is carried out by professionals and the procedure is done sparingly, you will delightfully stay frozen in your youthful radiance for the longest time possible. Before we dig any deeper into the subject, let us first understand the science bit of it.


Our treatment is a neurotoxic protein that is usually injected directly into the skin to inhibit the movement of muscle, thereby preventing the development or suppressing the depending on wrinkles and fine lines.



Wrinkles form as a result of continuous muscle contraction and relaxation. To prevent or suppress wrinkle and fine line formation, the injections block the signals from the nerves to the muscle. As a result, the injected muscles do not contract irrespective of your facial movements, thus suppressing the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

We offer our clients a range of injection treatments. These treatments are distinguished by how much the product spreads, the components of the formula, the dosage and how much it takes for the desired outcomes to be achieved. All these treatments prevent or get rid of wrinkles and reduce the ultimate ageing signs.


This is a popular treatment among our younger clients that wish to prevent the signs of aging. The injection helps in breaking down or stopping the progression of fine lines on facial regions such as the forehead, eyebrows, and surroundings of the eyes. It is the most desired type of treatment in London when it comes to cosmetic treatments range as it involves administering a smaller than average dosage to soften wrinkles but still allows natural facial movement. It’s a brilliant way to prevent the development of wrinkles and soften existing ones.

We also use this kind of cosmetic filler n London to achieve the balance of muscles as we can lift the eyebrows, shape them as desired and give them a contour.


This is yet another popular form of cosmetic filler that we offer specifically to men who want to get rid of the wrinkles on their faces. For a long time, women have been held to a higher aging standard as compared to men, but it looks like the gap is closing faster than ever. Men are now more open, proactive and concerned about their appearance because truth be told, they are affected by the aging wrinkles as well. Who doesn’t want to stay forever young? The injection is tailored to suit your needs to maintain your strapping youthful visage.


This is the latest form of anti-wrinkle treatment, which is used for the treatment of moderate to extreme facial lines between the eyebrows. This ground-breaking treatment method is advisable to users who might have become resistant to cosmetic filler over time. The new treatment method is also more effective as it is more advanced and works faster than the standard treatment.

To sum it all up, here are the areas that we usually treat with cosmetic fillers to get back your refreshing youthfulness;

– Forehead
– Corners of the mouth
– Wrinkles around the eyes
– Glabellar lines
– Dimpled chin
– Droopy jowls
– Lipstick lines
– Scalp
– Underarms for hyperhydrosis


Benefits of our clinically advanced anti-wrinkle treatment in London.

– Cosmetic fillers prevents deep wrinkles and fine lines from developing in the face. This is achieved via the relaxation of the contracting muscles. Apart from just preventing the already existing wrinkles and lines, they also reduce the appearance of the wrinkles and lines. Keeping that youthful appearance for much longer.

– Our treatments require virtually no recovery time. You can resume your regular duties immediately.

– With continuous use, the treatments-educate the muscles, thereby increasing the time between each treatment.

– The treatment is not permanent and wears off naturally after the time it’s supposed to take, usually about 4 months. You can stop administering cosmetic fillers at any time.

– Cosmetic filler treatments assist in the relaxation of the overactive muscles that generally lead to deep frown lines and wrinkles.

– For individuals that sweat a lot, it also aids in reducing the amount of oil and sweat produced by the scalp or underarms. Also by reducing excess perspiration, certain conditions such as migraines are suppressed.

– The untreated regions of the face and neck remain unaffected by the process, and therefore you’ll still be able to make facial expressions such as frowning and smiling. However, the treated regions won’t wrinkle or form lines, thereby maintaining a youthful look.

Please be advised that all these anti-wrinkle and cosmetic filler treatments require a professional service by a qualified and well trained clinician. If you’re interested in any of the above services administered by our experienced doctor, visit Fortes; the Best Cosmetic Filler Clinic in London for effective and affordable anti-wrinkle treatments. You can give us a call or use the contact form to book your appointment.


We highly recommend that you come and see us in person to discuss any of our treatments. However if you currently cannot do so and would still like to explore the treatments available to you, you can fill out this free online assessment and we will be in touch.