How permanent is Hair Transplant Surgery?

Transplanted hair works similarly to hair from the donor area, which is genetically different to the balding area. It will therefore not fall out like that of the previous balding hair. If done correctly, the transplanted hair should last a lifetime, but in rarer circumstances, hair may thin in the donor area. If this happens, then the transplanted hair will follow the same pattern.


What’s the best procedure for me?

First, take a look at our treatments and procedures section to get a feel of what each treatment entails. In-depth conversations will then be had at your consultation, where we will look into the best solution for you. Each case is different, and Dr. Saeed will work very closely with you to decide what’s best to do.


When will I notice any growth from my new hair?

Hair will start to break through three to four months after the procedure, but you won’t see significant cosmetic differences until six months later. Full results may take up to 18 months, at the most, but in general, you’ll see full growth after 12-14 months.


How much time will I need to take off after my surgery?

For most cases, little or no time needs to be taken off. If time off is needed, then a week or so is more than enough. Hats can be worn immediately after and are actually recommended, in order to protect the grafts.


Will it scar?

FUE leaves subtle small round scars. These fine dotted scars can be covered by short hairstyles. Dr Saaed and his team are highly trained to ensure scarring is at its minimum.


Will I regain a full head of hair?

Not exactly. We are only redistributing your existing permanent hair to your thin or balding areas. We are not creating new hair or implanting another person’s hair into your head. Having said that, in expert hands, the limited donor hair available can be used to create the illusion of a good head of hair, particularly when the person has significant hair loss.


Is there any danger involved?

No. FUT & FUE are minor cosmetic surgery as well as one of the safest and most popular procedures performed. Our clinic environment provides you with skilled and experienced surgical and nursing staff with hospital standard equipment.


Are there any restrictions on my surgery?

No. You will be able to style or dye your hair as normal once you’ve got your full re-growth. It’s advisable to wash your hair between 24-48 hours after surgery to keep the scalp clean. Once the area has fully healed, you can go back to playing sports, and living life normally.