FUT Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplantation (Strip Harvesting)

Also known as the strip transplantation method, FUT is a surgical hair transplantation process that involves the extraction of a strip of hair either at the back or at the sides of the scalp where the follicle roots are permanent in nature. This process involves the incision, suture and an advanced closure method.

Strip FUT is ideal for patients suffering from advanced hair loss who require large amounts of restoration and high graft numbers. Currently, we can restore between 500 to 5000 grafts in one day, and it will take between 4 hours and 12 hours to complete the procedure.

How FUT Works

The FUT technique is widely known for delivering the best permanent outcomes as a result of the extraction of the DHT (dihydrotestosterone)- resistant hair roots. The extraction process is performed in such a manner that a horizontal strip harvested contains several of follicular units at a go. The harvested strip then undergoes a separation process in which the grafts are dissected. The dissected strip is then implanted on the recipient region of the scalp.

While it’s a remarkably effective process, the main noticeable drawback of the FUT is the linear scars that remain at the end of the extraction process.

The FUT Transplant Process

Like all other hair transplant procedures at Fortes Clinic, we begin with a heart to the heart consultation process. And after we determine that the FUT is your best option, your transplant procedure is booked in.

First, a strip of hair that contain follicular units is harvested horizontally either at the back or at the sides of the head. The unit strip is then subjected to cleaning, and the hair is then dissected into grafts that are inserted in the recipient area. Since the inserted units are natural, follicular units will start growing to develop hair in the desired region. With the expected growth of the hair follicles, you rest assured that the outcome will be effective, and you’ll develop thick, dense and natural hair. This procedure requires the service of a well-trained hair transplant specialist. For optimal results and a natural look, feel free to reach out to us at Fortes Medical Centre.

For a lot of patients, this method is often a go-to option compared to the FUE counterpart because it is more cost-effective. The FUE transplant procedure is slightly more expensive because you’ll be required to pay for each follicle inserted.

Here’s a quick step by step guide to help you better understand the process:

  1. You’ll have a detailed consultation with one of our expert doctors, where all your options are covered. If strip FUT is the best option, an appointment will be booked for you.
  2. A local anaesthetic andmild sedative will be administered in both the recipient and donorsections. This will be the only discomfort you willexperience throughout your treatment.
  3. After the anaesthetic takes effect, the procedure will start with the excision of a very thin strip from a safe donor area at the back of your scalp.
  4. Using fine adjustment microscope lenses, the strip is then divided into separate units of follicular grafts.
  5. At that same time, microscopic slits are cut in the recipient regions of your scalp. This is where the units of follicular grafts arecarefullyinserted, one by one. The grafts are then blended in the midst the bald or thinning section in a manner that matches all the natural growthfeatures of your original hair.
  6. The donor site is closed using small surgical stitches and immediately covered by your surrounding hair. This heals typically to form an exceptionally tiny scar that is hard to detect scar amongst the rest of your permanent hair

Who Can Qualify for a FUT Hair Transplant?

In case you were wondering before you qualify for the FUT transplant, there are a couple of factors that we consider for a guarantee of exceptional results. Some of the most vital factors that will determine a successful FUT procedure include:

  1. Patients should have a genetically strong donor supply, i.e. a healthy donor region from where the strip unit will be extracted from.
  2. The scalp should be resistant to any potential autoimmune disorders that may occur. That’s because, in some cases, the immune system fails to respond positively as expected and instead attacks the body’s own cells. This leads to a condition where the hair cannot be extracted since the scalp is rendered contagious.
  3. Flexibility and stability of the scalp region from which the extraction would take place
  4. You should be free from DUPA: it is a condition whereby the hair does not occur in a distinct pattern and affects both the side and the back of the scalp.

Are there any Potential Side Effects?

The FUT method t is an advanced cosmetic procedure that’s completely safe and doesn’t require any maintenance. The typical mild side effects that you can experience after this hair transplant process include swelling, redness, itching and a bit of pain. However, you can easily and quickly relieve the side effects through fast-acting prescriptions. Generally, from the very next day of the surgery, you can get back to your daily routine as usual.

Benefits of the FUT Procedure

For those who don’t know, the FUT procedure comes with a vast range of benefits. The most outstanding benefits include:

  • It’s a virtually scar freemethod:

    Thanks to the introduction of the modern Trichophytic closure, the FUT procedure is virtually scar-free at the points of incision. At Fortes Medical Centre, our surgeons use the Trichophytic closure, which is a revolutionary method of suture closing that delivers the best scarless outcome, even after the strip extraction technique of the hair transplant method. We can confidently confirm that that the FUT transplant method is one of the most effective ways to restore natural hair without significant scarring.

  • Painless:

    The FUT hair transplant technique is a painless surgery. You won’t experience any pain even during strip extraction from the back and sides of the scalp. We use local anaesthesia injection to minimize the effect of pain on levels that are too low to be perceived by the patients. Thus, if pain was something that got you worried, know that it is no longer a risk in strip harvesting or the FUT procedure done to grow your natural hair back.

  • The Graft damage rate is below 1%:

    The rate of graft damage is remarkably lowin the FUT har transplant technique. Each strip comes with a couple of grafts that are carefullydissected under high magnification microscopes. The FUE extractionprocedure, on the flip side, involves a random punching process that causes undesirable damages of the graft during the process of extraction.

  • Permanent results:

    With this procedure, you can get long-lasting follicles of hair that stay put permanently on the scalp. That’s because the FUT technique centrally focuses on root extraction of the DHT-resistant hair. After the implantation process, these DHT-resistant roots of hair naturally adopt the normal hair characteristics and stay healthy for good, despite being transplanted to another location on the scalp.

  • No side effects:

    There are no such severe side effects after receiving the FUT hair transplant procedure. You’ll only experience mild swelling, redness and itching, all which you will easily control using prescribed medication.

  • No maintenance:

    Unlike most cosmetic surgery procedures, the FUT technique is maintenance-free. You won’t have to go back under the knife to retouch or fix the same transplants.

  • It covers a higher bald surface area in a single sitting:

    The FUT technique is the best method to cover the maximum area of baldness. The strip of the skin allows a surgeon to extract the needed number of grafts based on the required density and coverage. That’s because you can derive several grafts at a go via strip harvesting. It saves time, energy, and even money. Therefore, this hair transplant method is the best way to deal with density and coverage matters.

  • Excellent results with a high-density hair transplant:

    The necessity for a high-density hair transplant is all attained without much difficulty with the FUT method of hair transplant. Because it is possible to extract thehighest number of grafts at a go, you’ll get the benefit of a high-density transplant procedure for your hair.